In order to create an entirely transparent café building in one of the old bathhouses on the shores of Lake Zurich, all secondary rooms, such as the storage areas, toilets and staff facilities, were cast underground into the darkness. Removed from all visually disturbing boundaries, the ground floor opposite the darkness of the cellar provides space to the guest area of the café and the open kitchen. Due to the round shape of the building, the guests of the café will be guided smoothly through the self-service area and around the centrally located circular kitchen, while enjoying the view of the landscape and on the lake.

Title: Café Mythenquai
Project: International Architecture Competition at Lake Zurich
Date: February 4, 2011
Type: International Architecture Competition
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Site: Lake Zurich
Programme: Café and public bath
Status: Competition
Team: Bernd Upmeyer, Elena Barrigón García, Francesco Milano