08-12-11 // STUDIO

Bernd Upmeyer has been interviewed by the Milan-based magazine “STUDIO”. The results of the conversation were published in STUDIO’s first issue.

STUDIO: Officially today we live in an urbanized world. More than 50% of humanity live in urban contexts. Is this the age of urbanity or the age of the crises complexity?
Bernd Upmeyer: If you ask me like that I would rather say that it is the age of urbanity, because crises always happened. It is not that we are just now having a lot of crises and we never had them before. But I also don’t see exactly the relation between the age of urbanity and the crises we are facing at moment. First of all you have to define what kind of crises you’re talking about. Today we are dealing for example with three main crises: the financial crisis, the climate crisis, but also the geo-political crisis.

STUDIO: So this is not an urban topic?
BU: That depends on what crisis you are talking about. The current financial crisis, for example, has of course an impact on cities, but cities did not produce the financial crisis to begin with. If you wish to talk about the relation of the climate crisis to cities, then you can of course also say that the recent enormous population growths of cities did not make the situation easier. However, we can speak of an urban age, mainly because of the vast movements of people from the countryside to the cities, which happened especially in Asia – a tendency that does not happen so much in the Western world, where cities are rather shrinking.

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Title: STUDIO #1
Contribution: Artist No More
Author: Interview with Bernd Upmeyer
Date: December 2011
Publisher: STUDIO
Location: Milan, Italy
ISSN: 2240-4767
Pages: 14-21