Exhibition of the “5000 Years Brutal Urbanism” timeline at the end of the summer term 2006 in Kassel

In the summer term of 2006 Bernd Upmeyer teaches a theoretical seminar entitled “5000 Years Brutal Urbanism” at the University Kassel in Germany. The result of this seminar is published in MONU Magazine’s issue #5 on “Brutal Urbanism”.

The research on “Brutal Urbanism”, illustrated in the form of a “5000 Years Brutal Urbanism” timeline, demonstrates that since the beginning of the first urban settlements about 5000 years ago, violence and brutality have been an integral part of our cities. Brutal urbanism, expressed and executed through buildings or through violent activities, is as much a part of our cities, as the market or the church. Brutal urbanism can be traced in a variety of ways. For 5000 years our cities repeatedly were the stage for this horrific urban spectacle.

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Pages 38 and 39 of MONU’s issue #5

Institution: University of Kassel
Course: 5000 Years Brutal Urbanism
Department: Architecture, Urban Planning and Landscape Planning
Type: Theoretical seminar
Position: Assistant professor
Date: April 2006
Location: Kassel, Germany
Publication: MONU #5 – Brutal Urbanism, pages: 38-43