17-10-2017 // HOME OUTSIDE

View of the square from the southeast in the evening

Plan of the square

3 Elements
To create a unique square as a work of art, where the inhabitants of the “Kraanbolwerk” site, but also its visitors, can feel at home and meet, talk, cook, eat, warm up, and play, we propose to add 3 elements that are both artistic and functional: a fireplace, a table, and a boat.

Each of the 3 elements represents in an artistic way one part of the history of the Kraanbolwerk. The fireplace represents the industrial past and refers to the chimney of the factory building “de Volharding”, but also serves as a place where people can sit, grill and cook.

The table is shaped after the map of the Kraanbolwerk site and illustrates its past as a fortification and reinforcement for the defense of Zwolle. The table is large and solid enough to complement and host the fireplace activities, whether it be eating, drinking or talking.

The boat depicts the history of Kraanbolwerk as a city port and a trading place. But the boat is also a toy and an attraction point for children, on which they can play, climb, sit and experience what it feels like to be on the water.

View from the northeast

Industrial Atmosphere
In order to guarantee a robust square with a long life and an industrial atmosphere, we build the 3 elements in metal. They are placed on concrete slabs with engraved information about the meaning behind the elements. On the rest of the surface we propose to continue the brick surface of the area.

Around the 3 elements there will be enough space to provide to the people, that live in the houses around the square, sufficient space to add their own tables, chairs and plants. There is also still enough space for a walking path through the site and for an easy access of the neighboring houses.

The Soul of the Kraanbolwerk
The fireplace, with its power to bring people together through heat, cooking and food, will become the soul of the Kraanbolwerk. That is why it must be built first, if the budget does not allow the other elements to be built.

Title: Home Outside
Project: A square as a work of art for the “Hof van Volharding”, Zwolle
Date: October 2017
Type: Open Design Competition
Organizer: Municipality of Zwolle, The Netherlands
Participants: 16
Location: Zwolle, Netherlands
Programme: Square design, urban furniture
Surface: 266m²
Status: Competition
Team: Bernd Upmeyer, Aina Coll Torrent