25-02-17 // BARONMAG

The Canadian magazine and media platform Baron that focuses on culture, design and entrepreneurship published an interview with Bernd Upmeyer called “MONU: Understanding cities”.

Pages 114-115 of MONU #23, article “What’s Wrong With?” by Jaffer Kolb and Anya Sirota

Excerpts from the interview:

Why did you choose to print the magazine?
Bernd Upmeyer: I think that printing is still a very good technology. The idea, for example, that printed publications would one day be replaced by digital publications never convinced me. I think that over the last couple of years certain technology companies have tried to convince us of the quality of reading from screens. I am still trying to find that quality. So, the choice to produce a printed magazine has a lot to do with that, among other considerations. But I also believe that printed publications provide a greater value than digital ones, because most likely they will last longer, while everything digital has a much more ephemeral character and easily disappears after a certain period. Printed publications, on the other hand, usually survive for a very long time. Thus, every issue of MONU, or at least a few copies, will survive for generations to come. That provides a particular quality to every contribution that is published in the magazine. I have the impression that the contributors – but also the readers of MONU – appreciate that…

… the entire interview can be read here.

Pages 78-79 of MONU #23, article “Participatory Design as Tailoring” by Andrea Spreafico

Title: Baronmag
Contribution: MONU: Understanding cities
Author: Bernd Upmeyer
Date: February 2017
Publisher: Baronmag
Location: Montréal, Canada