The cover image of MONU #33 is part of Peter Dench’s contribution “Lockdown London: Tale of the Tape” on page 27. ©Peter Dench

On October 19, we released MONU’s issue #33 on the topic of “Pandemic Urbanism”.

“One of the most important influences of the current global coronavirus pandemic on cities might be the fact that it has made the invisible city visible: the enormous economic inequities and unequal access to healthcare and to education, as Beatriz Colomina points out in our conversation with her on “Quarantines and Paranoia”. She further states that the pandemic surely influenced our perception of cities, especially when during the lockdown there was less traffic and the urban background became much more visible which allowed the buildings to appear in a completely new way, beautifully and with so much previously unnoticed details …” continue reading on MONU’s website.