The cover image of MONU #34 is part of APP’s contribution “The Archive of Public Protests” on page 30. ©Rafal Milach; Music: Public Enemy – Fight The Power, Video editing: Danae Zachariaki

On October 18 we released MONU’s issue #34 on the topic of “Protest Urbanism”.

“Even though our social media age marks a shift in form and forum, when it comes to “Protest Urbanism” there still seems to be a need for – and validity of – having physical bodies in a public space in order for a protest to have an effect, as Mabel O. Wilson argues in our interview “Learning from Protests”. Bodies occupying large spaces or marching through different types of arteries, be it streets or freeways, still appear to be central tactics for people engaging in political protest. It is the visceral encounters in physical spaces that trigger deeper and more emotional connections…” continue reading on MONU’s website.