23-04-19 // A ‘COMMON DAY’

This research project on communal living created “A ‘Common’ Day” in the life of Pierre Grenouille, 35, Publicist,
living in Paris, married to Myriam, and father of 2 children: Karim and Marie.

“Sharing” has become part of the daily routine of everybody’s life, which is mostly ‘common’. ‘Our’ bike, ‘our’ car, ‘our’ office… are already ‘commonly owned’; we have lunch, drinks, vacations… in ‘shared’ spaces, and we practice sports, wash our laundry, or watch a movie together with other people. ‘Sharing’ (individually, in common…) has become the mechanism to gain access to many services, to make some ‘luxuries’ affordable, and to add convenience to our daily lives. By applying this commonly known logic to the apartment, the benefits for everyone will be enormous.

Pierre takes a ‘Vélib’ bike and pedals to his office.

He arrives at ‘La Cantine’ where he rents work-space.

He shares some files with a client via Dropbox.

Lunch at Restaurant ‘Ratatouille’.

He logs into his Facebook and posts some photos.

He pays for the summer camp of his son, in Savoie.

He reserves a car via www.autolib.fr for the weekend.

He books a camping in Normandy for the weekend.

He washes his clothes in the laundry.

He goes to the gym with his wife.

He has dinner while watching ‘Secret Story’.

He and his wife go to the Cinema.

Title: A ‘Common Day’
Project: Research project on communal living
Date: April 2019
Type: Commissioned research
Programme: Urban research
Status: On-going
Client: Atelier International du Grand Paris (AIGP)
Team: Bernd Upmeyer, Matas Siupsinskas, Mario Yáñez Aller (BOARD); Beatriz Ramo, Ieva Cicenaite, Julie Pommier, Mikel Mujika, Lydie Seurre (STAR strategies + architecture)