20-01-14 // MILK X MAGAZINE

The Hong Kong-based monthly art, design and lifestyle magazine MILK X featured an interview with Bernd Upmeyer about MONU Magazine in its January 2014 issue.

The following interview was published:

MILK X: How did you come up with the name for the magazine?
Bernd Upmeyer: At the beginning we had several ideas for the name. But as the magazine was originally conceived as a way to keep in touch and to continue the debates that I and a student colleague of mine had during our studies – in which the urban scale had always been the basis and common ground of all our discussions – the term “urbanism” came up, which eventually led to the simple title “Magazine ON Urbanism” and its acronym “MONU”… read the entire interview in Writings.

Title: Milk X #89
Contribution: Bernd Upmeyer talks about MONU
Date: January 2014
Location: Hong Kong
Pages: 8-9