BOARD’s project “The Recycled Apartment” is featured in the publication “Architectural Process 2013” published by South Korean DAMDI Publishing.

The Amsterdam-based Ideabooks describes it as: “A recent arrival in the DAMDI archive series, ‘PROCESS’ strives to create a more valuable design methodology in the fields of architecture, interior, urban, landscape and installation. Featuring more than 130 projects from 46 design teams in a case of seven soft-cover volumes and with a total of 960 full-colour pages, this immense publication sets a standard for design success – the true measurement of an architect’s achievement is the amount of time put into the design process; and not just in one project, but across an entire career. With its sheer variety of case studies and concepts, it seeks to spark creativity and present new, crucial challenges for developing and established designers.”

Title: Architectural Process 2013
Contribution: The Recycled Apartment
Author: BOARD, Bernd Upmeyer
Date: May 2013
Publisher: DAMDI Publishing
Location: Seoul, South Korea
ISBN: 9788968010040
Pages: 654-657