18-04-08 // ARCH+

In summer 2007 MONU was part of an open workspace at the documenta 12 – one of the world’s most important exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. MONU was invited by Arch+ to be part of “The Making of Your Magazines” exhibition that was part of the documenta’s magazines project.

During the exhibition the editors of MONU were working on MONU’s issue #7 on the topic of 2nd Rate Urbanism. The whole event was documented in Arch+’s issue #186/ 187.

Title: Arch+ #186/ 187
Contribution: Engagierte Zeitschriftenproduktion auf der d12 (MONU #7)
Author: Gregor Harbusch, Martin Luce
Date: April 2008
Publisher: Arch+ Verlag GmbH
Location: Berlin, Germany
ISSN: 0587-3452
Pages: 18-19