26-05-09 // PULL – OVER

The physical manifestation of this new multi-storey building for Benetton has been derived from the design envelope that was given for the site. In order to create a recognisable building with a clear sense of identity, the superposition of the floors, as instructed by the competition brief, has been manipulated in such a way that a three-dimensional artwork emerges that is perceived differently from every different point of view in its urban context. The curvy grid pattern on the facade is not simply a representation of the Benetton logo, but is actively incorporated in the structural engineering. Linked to the vertical cores of the building, it supports the ceilings. Thus all the floors of the building are completely flexible spaces. The program is organised in terms of platforms that are connected by several escalators and centrally located elevators. The different platforms are penetrated by two large voids that bring sufficient light into the office and apartment areas.

Title: Pull-Over
Project: Multi-storey building for Benetton in Tehran
Date: June 2009
Type: Open International Competition
Organizer: Benetton
Participants: 1.500
Location: Tehran, Iran
Site: No. 1742, corner of Salmak St., Vali Asr Ave., Tajrish Sq
Programme: Commercial Premises and Offices
Surface: 1.500 m2
Status: Competition
Client: Contemporary Iranian Contest
Team: Bernd Upmeyer, Sebastian Martin