22-09-20 // TOTALLY DUBLIN

Bernd Upmeyer contributed to the 189th issue of the Irish magazine “Totally Dublin”.

The following interview with Bernd Upmeyer appeared in the publication:


Totally Dublin: How will the global pandemic we are currently encountering impact upon our conception of urbanism? What future opportunities and concerns lie ahead as a result of it?
Bernd Upmeyer: Our upcoming MONU issue #33, entitled “Pandemic Urbanism”, that will be released by the middle of October, is currently investigating such questions. I believe that the current coronavirus pandemic might not have that strong an impact on our conception of urbanism or even re-shape and transform cities as some predict – or hope – especially as I expect that a vaccine will be available very soon. I suppose that most of the urban phenomena – maybe apart from an increased “work from home”-culture – that are partly still visible in cities due to the pandemic are merely temporary,… read the entire interview here (page 48-49)

Title: Totally Dublin
Contribution: Magnified: MONU
Author: Interview with Bernd Upmeyer
Date: September 2020
Publisher: Totally Dublin
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Pages: 48-49