Cover of MONU #36

On October 16 we released MONU’s new issue #36 on the topic of “New Social Urbanism”.

How is a “New Social Urbanism” possible if the hegemonic Western paradigm of space production revolves around the antisocial principle of the individualization of every aspect of life? asks Maria Reitano in her piece “Vulnerable City”. According to her, long before, during, and after the pandemic, individualization and competitiveness define the (anti)social consistence of the Western neoliberal city… continue reading here.

Social by Definition – Interview with Sharon Zukin, p. 12-13

New Rights, New Needs, New Rules by Nuria Ribas Costa, p. 44-45

New I Am by Bharat Sikka, p. 58-59

Post-Public Space by Francisco Silva, p. 64-65

Technology as Medium to Rethink Spatiality by Tatjana Crossley, p. 68-69

Between the City and the Family – Interview with Izaskun Chinchilla, p. 100-101