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On March 28, Bernd Upmeyer will speak about BOARD’s research project “Co-Residence: “Habiter en Grand”” at the conference “Unconventional Affordable Housing: Learning from Sharing” at the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of the Polytechnic University of Milan. He will furthermore take part in the debates and roundtable discussions with local guests and the participants of the conference during the day.

“Co-Residence: “Habiter en Grand” is a project that was conceived by STAR – strategies + architecture in collaboration with BOARD for the Atelier International Grand Paris (AIGP). The project was published in MONU #18 on the topic of “Communal Urbanism”.

The conference will take place from 09:30-17:30, Aula IIID, Building 11, via Ampère 2, AUIC School, Politecnico di Milano.