The study analyses the current situation of Spijkenisse and uses its in-progress strategies and projects to define an identity for the city. Within the province of South Holland, Spijkenisse is a peripheral city. Situated on the island Voorne-Putten the city is excluded from major ideas about the South Wing of the Randstad. This allows the city to develop its own strategies. Compared with other cities of South-Holland, Spijkenisse has an outstanding performance in terms of shopping but is – on the other hand – lacking in cultural functions. Together with the nearby city-centre of Rotterdam, which is connected by two metro-lines to Spijkenisse, the city could start a symbiotic relation for culture and shopping.

Dutch shops in South-Holland’s cities

Spijkenisse as the centre of the Vorne-Putten Island with perfect connection to the centre of Rotterdam

The inner city of Spijkenisse is working as a perfect shopping mall and as an extension of the city’s ABC-shopping complex

Title: This is Spijkenisse
Project: Study on a middle sized city in the agglomeration of Rotterdam
Date: February 2006
Type: Commissioned study
Location: Spijkenisse, the Netherlands
Site: Spijkenisse
Programme: Analysis, branding and strategies for the city of Spijkenisse
Status: Finished
Client: Mei Architecten, Rotterdam
Publications: Blauwe Kamer #2, Wageningen, the Netherlands, April 2009
Team: Bernd Upmeyer
Collaborators: Beatriz Ramo, Theo Deutinger, Andreas Kofler, João Prates Ruivo (STAR)