06-04-09 // PLAYWOOD

Scenario 1

This proposal for The Art Fund Pavilion, is based on the principles of origami techniques. But instead of using one piece of paper, the entire surface of the site in front of the Lightbox is being used and divided into 125 almost identical triangular pieces of plywood that can be assembled playfully to create multiple folded and creased three-dimensional structures, landscapes, objects, or pavilions. To illustrate the wide range of possibilities, 4 different scenarios have been displayed. The first is a simple flat shape scenario such as a café or restaurant; the second illustrates a three-dimensional landscape as an informal gathering or party space; the third shows the possibility of combining a very open pavilion surrounded by a three-dimensional landscape as an exhibition area; and the fourth depicts the entire surface of the site creased into one closed pavilion as a formal exhibition space.

The competition brief asks for illustrations of 3 different scenarios. This proposal exceeds this demand and creates 4 scenarios that show the wide range of possible spatial configurations. Although each spatial configuration is shown in relation to one particular scenario, all the 4 illustrated scenarios can be applied to other spatial configurations as well. In that way, the proposed concept is extremely flexible in terms of spatial organisations and functional determinations. Such flexibility allows for spatial configurations to be composed in such a way that the interior blends into the exterior, so that an interior exhibition area can no longer be clearly distinguished from an outdoor café space. In fact, if necessary, the Art Fund Pavilion could look differently every second day during the entire summer in a kind of spatial game.

Scenario 2

Scenario 3

Section of scenario 4

Interior of scenario 4

Title: Playwood
Project: Design Competition for the Art Fund Pavilion in London
Date: April 2009
Type: International Design Competition
Organizer: Tent London
Participants: 600
Location: The Lightbox, London
Programme: Pavilion
Status: Competition
Client: Tent London
Team: Bernd Upmeyer, David Sebastian Martin