MONU #17 explored how cities of the “Next Eleven” countries are already different and will be different in the future, from the cities of the “BRICs”, but also from the ones of the “MEDCs”– the more economically developed countries, such as the Netherlands – in terms of their politics, their economies, their geographies, their cultures, their social aspects, their technology, their ecology and in the relation to their physical structures, such as their architecture. MONU Magazine and the ArchiNed would like to continue the discussion on the topic of “Next Urbanism” as we believe that there is still more to learn from cities in the Next Eleven countries. Therefore we invited Dutch architects and urbanists that are currently working in cities of one of the Next Eleven countries and architects and urbanists that were born in one of the Next Eleven countries and are currently working in the Netherlands to write about their experiences and to reflect on differences and similarities between both environments. The first in this series are the observations of Paul van der Voort, a Dutch architect living and working in Mexico City.