Bernd Upmeyer’s concept of the “Urban Editor” has been published in the 2011 edition of the Hiatus Book, a publication for opinions and reflections about design. The book is produced by the Valencia-based studio Sanserif.

“In the near future, the interior architect might be best positioned to become the ultimate designer of space, replacing and eradicating professions such as architect and urban designer. But to become such an important figure, the interior architect has to move ahead and reinvent and transform himself into an advanced and superior version of his own existence and become an “Urban Editor” with an extended knowledge of the heritage and history of the cultural landscape and the urban environment. To succeed in the future he will have to face the past. But the interior architect has lived long enough as a Clark Kentian “mild-mannered reporter” in the metropolis of our planet. As urban editor he may leave his bespectacled old ego behind and display the super-abilities of the interior architect…read the entire text in Publications.