The cover image of MONU #35 is part of Ana Morcillo Pallares’s contribution “Incompleteness and Play” on page 39
Photograph by Riccardo Dalisi (Courtesy of Archivio Dalisi / Napoli, Italy)
Music: Limahl – Never Ending Story, Video editing: Danae Zachariaki

Today we released MONU’s issue #35 on the topic of “Unfinished Urbanism”.

“To Be Finished Is to Be Dead” claims Mark Wigley in our interview with him. Because only an unfinished city is a city that is open to unknown and unpredictable transactions and that is what cities are for. To him, urbanism is only urbanism to the extent that it is unfinished and “Unfinished Urbanism” an urgent call in an age of a pandemic and of predictability, both of which are killing us…” continue reading on MONU’s website.