6 of BOARD’s most recent projects, including OUT OF THE WOODS, STACKED WORKSHOPS, ART MARKET, A UNIQUE MOMENT, UNDER THE SQUARE AND ABOVE THE TREES, and A REAL CONNECTION: BRIDGE AND SQUARE are featured in the new publication of the South Korean publishing house DAMDI entitled “New Panel Layout for Competition Volumes 4,5,6”. The Amsterdam-based Ideabooks provides a “look inside” of the 952 pages strong book on their website.

The following text by Bernd Upmeyer appears together with the projects in the publication:

To do, or not to do, …
When several years ago I was teaching an architectural design course at the University of Kassel in Germany, at the very beginning of the semester I asked my students to present a draft layout of their final project presentation panels, typically 3 A1s in portrait orientation. The students reacted slightly confused and thought I wanted to fool them as their designs were still in the very early stages and the final project presentation was scheduled for the end of the semester, which was around 3 months ahead… read the entire text in Writings.